Positive Peace Report 2015

(Original article: Vision of Humanity, 10-22-2015) Positive Peace is a transformational approach to achieving development, resilience and peace. It offers an alternative perspective to identify and measure long-term investments that create [continue reading…]


Criminalizing War and Those Who Make It

[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-folder-open” color=”#dd3333″]  Download this article: Criminalizing War and Those Who Make It (*Photo caption: Nuremberg Trials. Hermann Göring at the left edge on the first row of benches.) Betty A. ReardonFounding Director [continue reading…]


Upholding a Human Right to Peace

[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-folder-open” color=”#dd3333″]   Download this article: Upholding a Human Right to Peace. (*Photo caption: The First Hague International Peace Conference in 1899) In a groundbreaking session at the United [continue reading…]